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Life is an expression of an asethtetic image. Creativity is an amalgamation of mind and heart. Henna –Ads color to a meaningful, aesthetic and a creative canvas. With several years of experience as a lifestyle stylist in the advertising world, creating concepts with a variety of visuals is an extension of my personality.

The advertising industry is fast paced and edgy. Everything you hear and see in print and electronic media is directly related to your heart and mind. You want what you see ! Behind these absolutely awe inspiring ads, there’s a stylist that paints a soul on a canvas.
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Style is a passion! A color to lift your mood. A cut to accentuate your body. Simple yet a science of making people smile in front of the camera with ease.
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Indian culture is rich and diverse and as a result unique in its very own way. The varied hues of colours, the richness of fabrics, and the simplicity of style are so India. India is known for its bold and intricate use of warm toned, deep color on fabrics in either symmetrical patterns or prints that tell a Story.
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Henna Wadhwani

Interior styling is a global trend. It’s a way to life. Styling and decorating homes/hotels/spaces for print and electronic media is an initial idea to a big dream.

Colors and balance is what is required for a space. It brings out the flow in a visual if used with enough of passion and creative instincts.
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